Located in the heart of North Carolina,
the river is the back boundary of 21
acres.  This is where Carlos, Charlie,
Myrtle,Diva,Girly, Daja Vu and Luke call
My Old English Sheepdogs and Persian
cats live a full life.
It is a quiet setting where pups are
born and spend the first few weeks of
their lives, preparing for their new
home.  Anyone that has ever shared
their life with an Old English Sheepdog,
knows nothing is the same once they
arrive, and to try and live life without,
leaves a very large empty hole.  I am
blessed that I get to share the first
second of each puppies life, and right
up until the time they pack and move to
their new home.  Puppies may leave
Riverbin but they are never forgotten.  
Enjoy the pictures of my Old English
Home of the happy
The lines go way back here at
Riverbin.  Charlie is now retired with
full benefits at the age of 5 1/2.  
Charlie's mother lives within an hour of
Riverbin, and Diva is a daughter from
Carlos and Charlie.  Myrtle and Charlie
are sisters but not litter mates.  There
is a year difference in their age.  Myrtle
and Carlos have a little girl named Daja
Vu that is, still a pup but growing
This is an extremely healthy line with
excellent temperaments. All of my dogs
are very heavy boned, A heavy boned
foundation reduces the chance of any
type of shoulder or hip problems.  It is
the look that is found in the original
foundation Sheepdogs. A beautiful
squared solid body  topped with a coat
of thick full  hair is absolutely breath
taking. I breed to meet or exceed all
AKC standards.  Health, Temperament,
and beauty is what you will find with a
Riverbin OES.  
You are welcome through the gates of
Riverbin anytime.