Carlos is my only
Adult Male
Sheepdog.  He has
grown up with
Charlie and Myrtle
and is an excellent
partner and daddy
to his pups.  Carlos
weighs about
80lbs.  He is very
gentle with me and
the other dogs.
Carlos loves
spending his days
watching over
everything and
enjoys eating a
dried pig ear in the
evening.  At a
young age Carlos
had to learn that if
he has something
the girls want, he
must let them have
it.  When he does
this he always
comes to me for an
extra treat because
he has been such a
good boy. He loves
getting a summer
Ruth Willett
Cool Hand Luke
gets his name from
his big beautiful
blue eyes, just like
Paul Newman's.
He came to
Riverbin to grow
up with lots of love
from me and his
new family of Old
Sheepdogs. I have
big hopes and
dreams that one
day he will grow up
and father some
pups that are as
beautiful and
loving as he is.